Google AdWords Tips

5 Steps to Maximising Your Google AdWords Account

Step 1 – Setting Up Your Google AdWords Account Settings

If your settings are incorrectly setup you will pay for clicks that don’t convert into sales

If your Google AdWords campaign settings are incorrectly setup it is very hard to control your budget, reach your target market, time schedule and to effectively split test ads.

The Basic settings are: adwords man

. Networks

. Budget Options

. Target Audience

. Advanced Options

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Step 2 – Google AdWords AdGroup Setup

. If your AdGroups are incorrectly setup you will pay more per click than is necessary.

. Your default bid is not your maximum cost per click, but is your minimum.

. Structure all the variations of your services within the AdGroup level.

Example AdGroup Names:

AdGroup 1 – Mortgage Refinancing

AdGroup 2 – Home Loans

AdGroup 3 – Fix Rate

AdGroup 4 – Car Loans

AdGroup 5 – Personal

Step 3 – Google AdWords Keyword Setup

If you have too many irrelevant keywords in one AdGroup, the Google AdWords system will penalise you by charging you more per click then is required.

Example Keyword Phrase For AdGroup 1 Mortgage Refinancing:

•Mortgage Refinancing

•Mortgage and Refinancing

•Mortgage Refinancing Sydney

•Online Mortgage Refinancing

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. Only use a maximum of 50 targeted keywords per AdGroup.

. Try not to use home loans as a keyword within the Mortgage Refinancing AdGroup unless Mortgage or Refinancing is in the phrase as well. Although they are the same, to the Google AdWords system they are totally different keywords and the more highly targeted the keywords are to the ads the easer it is to rank. For example, if someone searchers for “Mortgage Refinancing Sydney” and they see your ad displaying the words “Mortgage Refinancing Sydney” within the ad heading, then they are 30% more likely to click your ad.

. Make sure all Keywords are tightly bunched and relevant to the ads they display.

Step 4, Google AdWords Ad Setup

To Setup an optimized ad you must have the keyword within the heading. The first line of text should have a feature of your product, whilst the second line of text should mention a benefit, contact number, followed by your businesses website displayed underneath. As you can see below, an optimised ad has three distinguishing features. Firstly, it omits the www. Secondly, it capitalises the keywords in the URL, and finally includes an indented URL keyword.


adwords man

X Standard Ads

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v Optimised ads

Mortgage Refinancing

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Step 5 – What AdWords Management Does

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